Fiji VM

The Fiji VM™ is a real-time virtual machine providing the features of a modern Java virtual machine with predictability suitable for hard real-time environments. It offers unparalleled flexibility, from per-thread choice between real-time garbage collection with the Schism™ patent-pending collector, GC-less allocation with scoped memory, or a combination of both, to advanced multi-VM features with predictable time and space partitioning.

Integration with legacy native code has never been easier. Fiji VM™ includes fast and easy access to native code with standard C calling conventions. Extend applications to take advantage of Fiji VM™ features now, and port legacy functionality later.

Fiji VM™ deploys on a broad range of hardware and operating environments. Support is available for embedded CPU architectures such as ARM and ERC32 or powerhouses like PowerPC and x86/x86_64. Stack Fiji VM™ on top of a real-time executive like RTEMS or a full-featured desktop or server OS such as Linux or Darwin.

Fiji C1

Fiji C1 is an aggressive optimizing compiler targeting the Fiji VM™. It uses advanced optimization techniques and code specialization to produce executables that can rival the performance of C. Compile your Java application down to native code using your platform compiler.

Fiji C1 integrates Fiji VM™ multi-VM payloads with ease. Fiji VM™ applications can be developed and run separately, or integrated into a single multi-VM image with a single command.