Academia and Fiji Systems Inc.

Fiji Systems Inc. recognizes that academia and academic pursuits in computer science are a driving force in the industry. The Fiji VM™ and Fiji C1 compiler are available for license to academic institutions for non-commercial use at no cost. No cost technical support is limited, but we do our best to make sure our academic users get the support they need.

The Fiji VM™ and Fiji C1 compiler have proven valuable in a variety of academic pursuits in the fields of virtual machines, compilers, and real-time systems. If you would like to use Fiji VM™ in your research, please contact our academic outreach department at for more information on obtaining the system.

Fiji Systems Technologies in the Literature

The following is a sample of Fiji technologies published in peer-reviewed academic settings, as well as publications using the Fiji VM™ as a platform or for comparison purposes: