About Fiji Systems Inc.

Fiji Systems Inc. is an Indiana-based technology company providing software and support for real-time and embedded systems. The Fiji Systems core team is committed to improving the state of real-time systems development and reliability through the Fiji VM™.

The core team is:


Lukasz Ziarek, Ph.D. President

Luke has ten years of experience with compilers, virtual machines, and runtime systems. He has worked on numerous systems, including SML/NJ, MLton and Multi-MLton, SWIG, and the ORP virtual machine. He has extensive experience with scalable message passing systems and their underlying runtime architectures.


Ethan Blanton, Ph.D. Lead Technical Developer

Ethan has over ten years of experience in systems development. He has experience with real-time and OS development on systems and platforms from general purpose PCs running Linux to single-use kernels on microcontrollers. Ethan has also worked on networking and communications systems, including standards work with the IETF and industry players.